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In Relleu there are several free car parks where you can park, remember that weekends and public holidays tend to be busier. You can also park in the streets of Relleu where it is allowed.

Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) car park (route option A)
Just in front of Relleu Town Hall.
About 5 km from the footbridge of the Relleu dam.

Photos of the Ayuntamiento car park: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzEheY

Carrer Evarist Manero Molla (Evarist Manero Molla Street) car park (route option A)
At the entrance to Relleu if you come from Aigües
About 5 km from the footbridge of the Relleu dam.

Photos of the Carrer Evarist Manero Molla car park: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzEhEV

Access near the Relleu reservoir dam (route option B)
1,8 km from the footbridge of the Relleu dam.
There is no car park as such but in case of people who can't walk very far there is space for 10-15 cars.
From here it takes about 25 minutes (1,5 km) to get to the footbridge of the Relleu dam.

Please always respect the traffic regulations and do not take up more space than necessary.


The easiest road to get to Relleu by bus is the CV-775 from the towns of Orxeta or Sella.

Once you arrive in Relleu, just past the entrance to the football ground and sports centre. On the same road there is an Udaco supermarket on the right, just above the football field, which is on the left.
At this point you can drop off passengers:

It is not a bus stop, but it is the one that is used regularly (the police know this).

Once the passengers have left, the coach can park in a street that is barely 50 metres from the supermarket, to the left in the direction of travel, bordering the sports centre. But it is necessary:

To fill in a General Application Form at Relleu Town Hall at least 5 days before the day you are going to park.
  • https://relleu.sedelectronica.es/info ((indicate responsible for group or agency and contact telephone number when filling in the application).

  • State the following: On the date (XX) of the Month (XX) of 20 (XX) at the Time (XX.XX) you are going to arrive in the town of Relleu by bus.

  • Requests: The reservation of space in the area set aside for buses from (XX.XX) until (XX.XX).

  • Notify the local police of Relleu by whatsApp (+34 636288756) at least 5 days in advance so that they can enable a suitable bus stop (with the same contact details, exposes and requests).

The police will set up the bus stop with mobile signs; it is a downhill street (it is the street that borders the sports centre, you can see the fronton court).

Photos of the bus stop: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzEhJn


There a picnic area and motorhomes and campers stopovers to spend the night.
It is in Calle del Molí, near the Municipal swimming pool.

Photos of the motorhome stopover: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzEh7K

Information and ticket reservation
(during footbridge opening hours):

Landline: +34 865 759 650
Movil: +34 613 033 336
... ...
The opening and closing times of the footbridge are as follows:
From Monday to Sunday from 9,00 to 20,00 (last showing at 19.30)
This schedule may change depending on the time of year or holidays.


The Relleu footbridge route - 2024